Monday, January 30, 2012

Knitting and Cooking

Winter is always a great time to experiment with new recipes and knit. Here are pics my latest creations.

I found a recipe for yogurt cake and it was suppose to be wonderfully dense and rich.


The recipe was for a vanilla cake but I added chocolate (cocoa) for National Chocolate Cake day!


They look good and, while it is true that they weren't bad, they were not quite up to the Cupcake Royale standard of excellence!

I'm still experimenting with them, so maybe they still have a chance. I have frozen a bunch of them and will later thaw and ice them. I have discovered with other baked goods that I have made that some time they are better after this treatment. We'll see. A good cream cheese icing might help, too.

On a more savory note, I made a pork shoulder roast. The idea with this pork roast was pulled pork leftovers! It was delicious the first night with the roasted carrots and onions, but it was just a yummy the next couple of nights as pulled pork sandwiches slathered in a smoked applewood BBQ sauce (gluten-free, no less).


There are still more leftovers, so tonight I'll try something different. Maybe a pork lo mein.

I finished another knitting project. This is a mini shawl in yarn that I picked up in Seattle when we were visiting Adina before her wedding.


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