Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fast Knitting

It's always fun to find a knitting pattern that not only uses bulky yarn for speeding knitting, but also produces something fun to wear!

I started this project on Feb. 1 and was finished on Feb 4th, knitting just a few hours each evening.

I still need to find a nice big button to finish it off, but it doesn't need it.


I've also recently discovered needlepoint! A guest at our inn happened to be the owner of the Needle Nook in LaJolla, CA and we are now friends on Facebook. (She is also a Wee Forest Folk collector.) I happened to mention once on Facebook that I was curious about needlepoint and the next thing I know my Needle Nook friend is sending me a kit, complete with painted canvas, fibers, scissors, needles, and instruction book!

Here is the completed piece.


I'm going to use is for a small pillow for one of the guest rooms. It was fun and relaxing to work on, but now I'm thinking of creating my own designs and painting my own canvases. The ideas are churning. It was my friend who got me thinking of creating my own designs when she saw my squirrel quilt and suggested that I turn it in a needlepoint pattern.

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