Monday, February 27, 2012

Socks and More Socks

I've been working with more patterned socks - just to broaden my sock drawer repertoire.

This is a pattern called Almondine that I found in the book Sock Knitting Master Class by Amy Budd


The books has lots of great tips for knitting socks and so I was inspired to try coming up with my own sock "design" - really just a mix and match of different elements from other sock patterns.


I call this "Scalloped Peas and Celery." You can't really see the pattern well in the photo, but the top edge is scalloped and the pattern on the leg portion reminded me of celery and peas -- sort of!

I think the design still needs work.

I think I need a better sock model. It's hard to get good pictures without trying to twist your leg in ways that it wasn't meant to twist!

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